We were recently approached by a Removals Company based in Liverpool, looking for assistance with increasing the visibility of their website as it was not working for their business. At the time their website was getting zero website visitors and therefore no leads. There were buying leads from lead generation companies and competing against other companies receiving the same leads.
The client wanted to have a source of exclusive leads coming to them directly through their website, for each of their main services. This company offers a variety of services that we could target such as Domestic & Commercial Removals, Man & Van & Piano Removals.
Following a review of their website and competition we agreed to commence a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign on a performance basis. This involved agreeing an increase in website traffic of a set number of visitors, with a third of the fee paid up front and the remainder upon agreed millstones. This particular approach appealed to the client as they were very wary of companies offering SEO services and not delivering results.

The Solution

Following a detailed review of the existing website and the competition in the Liverpool area we started working on the following:

  • There were a number of limitations within the client’s website, so we rebuilt it on the WordPress platform to ensure that we had full freedom to edit the code and optimise. This also allowed us the ability to ensure that the site was optimised for speed and efficiency
  • Detailed keyword research to identify the best keywords to target
  • The content was analysed to determine and gaps that needed filling with new pages, which we created
  • In addition, the existing page content was adjusted to ensure that it spoke to the visitors more effectively and contained call to actions where necessary
  • Each web page was optimised to the latest SEO tactics, based on our knowledge gained from ongoing testing
  • External and internal links were created to boost the authority of the main target pages.
    Ongoing adjustments and analysis to adjust based on how the pages were progressing

The Results

  • Achieved multiple top ten positions in Google for a variety of related keywords
  • Increased traffic numbers with relevant visitors interested in the services, approaching 500 month an increase of 100% on the previous year’s numbers
  • Improved leads coming through the website by 100%. The screen show below shows the last 30 days versus the same period in 2018. This shows 61 contact forms received in the last 30 days but doesn’t count phone calls which the client advises is a similar number. These results are inquires for all of their services mentioned above.

Fig 1. 30 Day snapshot showing website traffic and contact forms received (Goals). This excludes telephone calls received.

Fig 2. Shows leads received via contact forms August to December, excludes leads received via telephone calls.

Fig 3. Updated 30 Day snapshot as at 31st May 2020, showing website traffic and contact forms received (Goals). This excludes telephone calls received.

Fig 2. Updated Shows leads received via contact forms January to May 2020, excludes leads received via telephone calls. The April drop is a result of the Coronavirus lock-down.  

Matt – Liverpool Removals Company

We are a removals company based in Liverpool. Tackling the internet market was what we needed to do to take our business to the next level and in a way, to modernise. That was when we approached 3W Removals.

3W Removals guided us through the process of building a website from scratch, and getting that website found. Their approach, guidance and knowledge has been pivotal in us making that break into the online world.

Our business has undoubtedly grown since approaching them for help.

We would recommend their services and thank them for their continued support.

Andrew – Bristol Removals Company

Now of page 1 for the first time in years, thank you finally someone is doing what they said they would. 

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